tale:net alpha 2

2018/01/18 | kathia

Since the release of tale:net alpha 1 and two sessions at the 34th Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig at the end of 2017, we reviewed a lot of feedback on our work. We made some changes, fixed bugs and created a more focused onboarding process for tale:net alpha 2. Find a changelog at the end of this blogpost. We’re excited to let you know:

tale:net alpha 2 is ready to download! We’re looking forward to your feedback.

During the last weeks we experienced again how important it is to find a balance between transparency on the software architecture and a simply delightful interface. On one hand there is information that needs to be communicated and it’s our ethical approach to impart why we build tale:net, how it’s based on scuttlebutt (ssb) and the general benefits of distributed software. On the other hand we seek to design a self explaining and easy flowing interface where users don’t have to face loads of text. We’re still impressed by a video, explaining the architecture of ssb and the whole theory of distributed software with a simple love story. Not only for those of you that are not into reading and especially if you don’t feel like a software developer, we strongly recommend to watch this 10 minutes video. To us it has some mindblowing potential.

As Prototype Fund Demo Day is coming up on 28th of February (Berlin, save the date!) and therefore the release of tale:net beta, we adjusted our scope and workflow for further development. A lot of the feedback we got helped us to clarify concrete features we already had on our list and brought some interesting new thoughts on how they should be build. In the next six weeks we will publish insights of our development process and concepts of several parts of tale:net here, and there will be a release every Tuesday.

What’s up next on our list is the skilliverse: As all users are able to add skills to tale:net and those skills need to be somehow related to each other, we came up with the concept of the skilliverse. A place to browse all skills, set relations, enter missing skills and clear up those skills that are the same in different languages or just spelt in a different way. The skilliverse will be the more immersive part of tale:net, a place where all identities are constantly maintaining all skills in tale:net in a playful habit. More to come on this concept.

Last but not least we want to remind you that we are reliant on your feedback and bug reports to create a reasonable and enriching software. Report bugs here, ask us any question and also report bugs via email to contact <ät> t4l3.net and sign up for our newsletter by sending a blank email to newsletter-subscribe@t4l3.net (Releases and monthly blogpost overview).

Read you soon!

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What happened since tale:net alpha 1 - changelog:

  • We linked the ethical design manifesto next to needed funding links in the landing text.
  • As constantly animated gifs are disturbing, identity gifs are now only animated on hover
  • Markdown in tale:net now allows you to embed code (incl. syntax highlighting) for example when you’re pushing an idea.
  • We did multiple minor polishings and fixes in the layout.
  • There is a new dev tool panel in my:config.
  • We designed a more direct feedback for buttons, there is more to come.
  • The link texts in the navbar on narrow monitors are not broken anymore.
  • As many people where searching for our pub invite link in my:config and there was some confusion between the pub key and the invite token, we now directly link to the invite token and show this link also in my:config.
  • We changed the wording in my:skills and my:ideas to react on confusion about when things I’m good in might be my:skill and the question if ideas could also be problems to solve or questions to answer - for sure they can!

For integrity sake, here are the alpha 2 sha256sums:

38986baec0d85def24b77af26b76ec6c5956a21b6b40ec4b03ef296ed04114d4  talenet-0.9.0-alpha.2-x86_64.AppImage
d0d19602546e101ebc3008ce7715cf495a40264b1e284148dba6a8cb0de204c9  talenet-0.9.0-alpha.2.dmg
a67dc577e00cf5647ded50bbd90f8646ca6661ba064e8c727457359e6536d21c  talenet-setup-0.9.0-alpha.2.exe
cbf51e7fe5ebafac8b42ee390dfe50250ee8907a1bb6ac7481ba54a335693311  talenet_0.9.0-alpha.2_amd64.deb

Upcoming release - alpha 3:

  • Update notifications/ updater
  • UI polishing