tale:net alpha 4

2018/01/31 | kathia

Dear Artists, Activists, Noncoders, skill and idea holders out there!

As we talked a lot about software architecture, databases and all that technical stuff in the last blog posts, we want to let you know: Even if you don’t care at all how a software is built and a key for you is to open a door (true!) and not to secure data, we’re building tale:net for you! You don’t have to understand everything behind the (transparent) curtain to use this tool. You can just download it, drain all the ideas you have in mind and set them free to tale:net. They want to get real!

We know that the development mode we’re in might be a bit of a barrier for people that are not familiar with computer stuff. But as we’re building tale:net not only for the hacking people, we also need you in this early alpha state. If you need any help with installing or have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us via contact@t4l3.net or contact us personally (find our social media accounts at the end of this post).

It’s our vision to connect all of us through tale:net to change the world - since big ideas always need different types of people and skill sets coming together. No matter what type of person you are, through tale:net you’re connected to all the others. Those that are able to spend 20 hours on one task and those that are able to mobilize and moderate big projects and crews, the hopeful front runners and the questioning side standers, the helping hands and the loving dancers. Nerds and producers, artists and activists, social, digital and cultural creators and acute observers: we all have to collaborate to transform our outrageous reality into a positive future.

In the newest version, tale:net alpha 4, we implemented forward and backward navigation and we’re presenting a very early sneak peek of the skilliverse (see the last blog post for more on this concept). There are very few actions implemented in the skilliverse yet, but the immersion is doing its job and: You can touch it!

What else is happening in this week: We had a coaching on UX with Ame Elliott from Simply Secure and it was awesome. Ame installed and explored tale:net for about 40 minutes, sharing her screen with us (we found out this is one of the most helpful testing formats!) and we talked for another hour about the narrative of tale:net, how we should be more bold in talking about our big thoughts with this tool, how radically new we want our interface to be and a lot more “post February topics”. It was very cool how Ame didn’t hesitate to question the status quo to envision future topics of our process in a very inspiring and productive way.

Also on our timetable is a quo vadis tale:net team gathering. We’ll have dinner together and exchange on our visions, expectations and intentions on how to proceed with our work on tale:net. We won’t be able to work on this level of continuity and intensity without funding or financial support after February, but on the same time its obvious that we won’t drop the hat on tale:net just because the funding of Prototype Fund is ending. We’re always seeking to be as close as possible to our ideal of work not being rewarded through money but motivated by our approach of how things should be. But as there is still the need to pay for living on this planet, we are not free of having a relationship to money. We’re happy to get help, ideas or your concrete support on how to continue the focussed work on tale:net.

And: as you might recognize, it’s not blog post Tuesday but Wednesday today: We found out that during the weekend a lot of new thoughts are coming to our mind and Wednesday is a better release date because there is some time to sort and implement our weekend thoughts.

Same procedure as every post, please contribute to our work by sharing your feedback and thoughts on tale:net with us: Report bugs here Contact and share your thoughts via contact@t4l3.net Find us personally on social media and don’t hesitate to use these channels:

If you’re willing to help us with a screen sharing testing session and meet us in telepresence, we’re looking forward to set a date for a video conference with you!

baldo (twitter & mastodon), cryptix (twitter), katze (twitter), luroc (twitter & fb) and staschek (fb), together with you creators of tale:net

For integrity sake, here are the alpha 4 sha256sums:

e322d37490688e8b581724a15a75a76d791c9aef258dad1f420c85a08b3b46d4  talenet_0.9.0-alpha.4_amd64.deb
e47262e97bc0530eea7a7774c15974802b5f2abceee574fae80bd49ee6b46ede  talenet-0.9.0-alpha.4.dmg
cdf508c03223bf987222ed6f785944693786895aa5f63e9a4e5b5480f8b222dd  talenet-0.9.0-alpha.4-x86_64.AppImage
7c4800ad5978bcb798ed0668503f960f61d1ac343fd0ebfe686542b212e25d6d  talenet-setup-0.9.0-alpha.4.exe