tale:net alpha 6.4

2018/02/13 | kathia

Here comes tale:net alpha 6.4 \o/ - Download

The skilliverse is for real now, if you’re already using an earlier tale:net version you should update to alpha 6.4 to get the full experience. Bringing this state of the skilliverse from our testnet to reality was exciting and already included alpha 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3 over night. We found out that our testnet is too fluffy to surface some of the bugs that showed up moving over to the real scuttleverse o_O.

Till now, there are only some similarities voted by us in the skilliverse and we can’t wait to see it grow. Imagine us sitting in front of our screens right now, waiting for connections being made by other identities in the skilliverse to appear. Everyone using tale:net is able to vote skills as similar, all these votes are mapping distinct similarities between skills and therefore influence the type ahead proposals for skills and later the matching of ideas and skills.

But the most powerful part in the skilliverse is to immersively experience what all other identities in tale:net are capable of doing - browse the skilliverse and get inspired by the power of the many.

Are there any humans without skills? We don’t think so!

We think that every person has a very unique skill set based on experiences and learnings in their life. tale:net is a place to get to know this. Emancipate from your job description and think of whatever you’re dedicated to do, really good at or always enjoy spending your time on when defining skills for your identity in tale:net.

In our coworking spaceship the last two production weeks are starting. Next Wednesday we’ll release tale:net beta 1-rc1 (release candidate 1) and than have a last week for polishing and bug fixing. On 28th of February we’ll release and present tale:net beta 1 at Prototype Fund Demoday in the Ministry of Education and Research in Berlin.

We’ll have some friends from arts and culture coming over for user testing the next days and this will hopefully bring some new insights on communication in the interface of tale:net. There is a lot of information on how and why we build tale:net and we’re seeking to shorten the texts in the explanation boxes a bit and develop a less text heavy onboarding process for the next version.

If you’re willing to give some time to our process, we’re looking forward to a shared screen testing session with you! Let us know via contact@t4l3.net.

Something useful at valentines day: Prototype Fund has come up with #bemyprototype today to share ideas for software that people think is needed. In the future you can do this not only on valentines day and closed source twitter, but push all these ideas to tale:net!

Read you soon, baldo (twitter & mastodon), cryptix (twitter), katze (twitter), luroc (twitter & fb) and staschek (fb), together with you creators of tale:net

Ask for any help and share your feedback with us on social media or via contact@t4l3.net and report bugs here.

What happened since tale:net alpha 5 - changelog:

  • With alpha 6.4 the tale:ship has taken off to the endless skilliverse, you’re able to boldly go where no creature has gone before
    • you can vote similarities and see similarities other identities are setting in between two skills, shaping the skilliverse is done by you and all other identities in tale:net and not by any artificial entity
    • the shape of the skilliverse is influencing the type ahead skill proposals in my:skills and push:idea
  • Bugfix edit:identity when entering and publishing changes to your identity information there is no longer a need to press F5 to see those changes

For integrity sake, here are the alpha 6.4 sha256sums:

0f34c57d19523c6d65a659cf42c7ea6c323ba9c0a44855116f81443ce1782947  talenet_0.9.0-alpha.6.4_amd64.deb
0c60610d4fb0dd6e2f61dac2ccecc649e157b0f9710ff61224e8ec46f554548a  talenet-0.9.0-alpha.6.4.dmg
4c14788acd597d814d8358128d3f1a4a8474a521a285a5260cca9df5bbcce8ce  talenet-0.9.0-alpha.6.4-x86_64.AppImage
03f537c308cc58ef4fe2ff0e978a251ac3d8d3b69fa1f71fcccd4f7f7a82b5f6  talenet-setup-0.9.0-alpha.6.4.exe