tale:net beta 1-release candidate

2018/02/21 | kathia

As we’ll release tale:net beta 1 for Prototype Fund Demoday next Tuesday, we decided to publish a beta 1 release candidate almost every day up until then.

Find the latest version tale:net beta 1-rc1 ready to download.

Private messaging is implemented now and we came up with a more easy onboarding and interface communication since tale:net alpha 6.4. For the next days we’re concentrating on polishing and bugfixing.

We kindly ask you to spend some of your energy and time in testing this software. Please report bugs and share your feedback with us in the upcoming days!

Like if we never mentioned this before, we want you to know how we’re still in love with the growing skilliverse! It’s already showing an impressive amount of diverse skills and is constantly shaping due to the similarities in between skills voted by all identities in tale:net. Your own skills and votes you gave to the skilliverse will always be shown in purple. Look how programming and playing games are related to each other right now:

By the way, didn’t you want to push that idea to tale:net, you’re having in mind since like forever? There might be already all the skills that are needed to realize it. Even if you don’t have the time to take some action, other identites might be able to do so, once the idea is out in the taleverse…

Excited to release tale:net beta 1 soon,

baldo (twitter & mastodon), cryptix (twitter), katze (twitter), luroc (twitter & fb) and staschek (fb)

For integrity sake, here are the beta 1rc-1 sha256sums:

e534242661fd9bca30a5dceda19d83a71616a7601c75f4c01824b6ee1918732e  talenet_0.9.0-beta.1-rc1_amd64.deb
13703f22505cbe00007ceb99c34140db6836396c96c737ec42ec251d4929fe64  talenet-0.9.0-beta.1-rc1.dmg
bd979d7977584873c9bc3a2c9bcb962609a6c1801084220a2c87155bb7122180  talenet-0.9.0-beta.1-rc1-x86_64.AppImage
0ac5c44512f08f5e6981294ff7f22c78621d3c97b25c1c19ed29d802cf2bd035  talenet-setup-0.9.0-beta.1-rc1.exe