Welcome to tale:net

2017/12/27 | kathia

We’re excited to release tale:net alpha 1 at 34C3:

tale:net is a tool to match ideas and skills to enable intergalactic collaboration.

Epic ideas need to be shared, like you do with your friends, but instead of leaving your ideas at an euphoric “awesome, let’s do this” and then forget about them, you can now use tale:net to share your ideas with an intergalactic network of identities that have the skills to make ideas become reality. Set your ideas free by pushing them to tale:net and give them to all the people and all their skills - ideas are commons. The authorship rather lies with the people realizing an idea and not necessarily with the identity that came up with it.

tale:net is build on SSB: a decentralized protocol based on the mechanics of word of mouth: All information is spreading peer to peer, with no need for a centralized server or service - so there is no way of controlling information once it’s out there, shared with the many.

tale:net is a community sourced, decentralized network, constructed of information about ideas, identities and their skills.

Our aim with this tool is to pop skill:bubbles - communities that gather around similar skills or interests. tale:net is an experiment to empower transdisciplinary creation. We seek to connect complex ideas that are evolving in progressive minds around us with an uprising desire for action. As we’re creating and happening in a growing network of many different disciplines, we experience the power of different skills collaborating for a shared vision: the more diverse the skill set of a group is defined, the higher becomes the perceived self efficacy of each identity as well as of the whole group.

Looking towards uprising challenges, we see an urgent need for solidarity and cocreation beyond physical or mental borders. We ask all of us to collectively create and expand a culture that’s capable of putting up a fight and gives its inhabitants a sense of purpose, self-worth and usefulness.

Emancipate yourself from your job description or any concept of work or labour and define your skills beyond the old forces claim to contribute to capitalism. By defining your skills in tale:net, you’re influencing which ideas you pull from your intergalactic network - those that ask for one or more of your skills.

We’re trying to offer you a way to distribute your ideas no matter how complex they might seem and to focus your skills on useful things, no matter how diverse your skillset is.

Ideas are growing between us and so is tale:net.

Baldo, Cryptix, Katze, Luroc, Staschek, together with you: creators of tale:net

You can download the alpha 1 from our releases page.

To make sure you got the correct version, you can check thee sha1sums:

5423b575f5a76492574a01f5a9b536a0b261a7b8  talenet-0.9.0-alpha.1-x86_64.AppImage
8dad9aa9780aa5de654741b1eda899b5f7f9f005  talenet-0.9.0-alpha.1.dmg
8664a116ee0c8b28358fe1486ef2aca0ea9a7685  talenet-0.9.0-alpha.1.exe
a46ce3dd6a0b68f6bd1a0be1a1b9385f99fee2ec  talenet_0.9.0-alpha.1_amd64.deb

If you like, you can also install it from source. We have the repository on github and git-ssb. (If you are already using git-ssb, you just need the repository address, which is ssb://%pa69+6ICtclE8lbJmSCpS0BlGU2polpx5VY543bhEWk=.sha256.)