tale:net alpha 3

2018/01/23 | kathia

New Tuesday, new release \o/. In tale:net alpha 3 we implemented the possibility to display notifications from public servers mainly to inform you about updates and new versions via our alpha testing public server pub.t4l3.net.

Meanwhile happening in our coworking spaceship: We got the feedback, that people would like to have the possibility to see all ideas in tale:net, not only those that match the skills they defined for their identity. We already thought about this and are considering two concepts to enable finding ideas beyond the matching, e. g. if you want to check if similar ideas are already existing before pushing an idea:

The first concept is adding a full text search, where you would be able to search for ideas on specific topics like e. g. cryptocurrency. The other concept is to build a slider into the pull:ideas area where you can adjust the fuzzyness of the matching - from matching only exactly those skills you defined for your identity to showing all ideas, even those without any matching.

In between those extremes you would pull ideas, that are matching not only the skills you defined for your identity but also similar skills to those. As we already explained in the last blogpost the similarity and thereby the relations of all skills in tale:net will be set and maintained by all identities in the skilliverse.

The skilliverse is what keeps our brains busy this week: We’re thinking through how the skilliverse should look like (“imagine galaxies full of skills” <3) and discussing the question if, once a similarity is set by one identity, there should be the option to repeal this similarity by another identity. Getting deeper into the celestial mechanics of the skilliverse and therefore into the logics of matching skills and ideas is a challenge and a lot of brain fun at the same time. We’re looking forward to release the skilliverse in one of the upcoming versions of tale:net and see it growing through our collective actions.

Also coming soon: end to end ecrypted private messaging.

Go ahead and download tale:net alpha 3. Set:up your identity, define your skills and push:ideas to and pull:ideas from our intergalactic skill & idea sharing network.

Don’t forget to feed us with feedback! Find our bugtracker here, contact us via contact@t4l3.net and subscribe to our newsletter (updates and monthly blogpost overview) by sending a blank mail to newsletter-subscribe@t4l3.net.

1love from outa skilliverse

baldo, cryptix, katze, luroc, staschek, together with you: creators of tale:net

For integrity sake, here are the alpha 3 sha256sums:

c6a27abb30fc2c0dad34940e6cf9c89905883600bf30acfcffb059f20e79e0ba  talenet_0.9.0-alpha.3_amd64.deb
38410dd346d2555ff5385d8c813eb5503056303aaab5f270346d46432a3a1266  talenet-0.9.0-alpha.3.dmg
ba1ecb4b98a057d93f55d8b369bc8ee534b22b06d79e73e667cbbacbf518117f  talenet-0.9.0-alpha.3-x86_64.AppImage
5f0e5950f26dbbb91026f8701d39d6042a300aa4097862da9450c3629921fcb7  talenet-setup-0.9.0-alpha.3.exe