tale:net is a tool to free your skills and ideas.

Free your skills from the world of labor and capitalism. And free your ideas from the world of copyright. tale:net is based on the love of doing and collaboration and it’s not based on any belief in reward, competition or institutionalized expertise.

"tale" is a word of a new language. It combines the meaning of sharing and helping, knowledge and skills that each of us is able to contribute.

tale:net is a distributed network, it’s transparent, open source and encrypted like a sustainable software should be in our vision.

Our aim with this tool is to connect epic ideas with a desire for action - to collectively create and expand a culture of self-worth and usefulness for everyone.

Ideas are commons, they are growing in between us - and so is tale:net. Like, you know, revolution and stuff. Together we’re capable of everything.

How does it work?

In tale:net you’re defining skills for your identity and asking for skills on an idea, it’s like “skill-tagging”. You can push and pull ideas. pull:ideas will always show you those ideas that ask for one or more of your skills. Pushing an idea means to send it to the taleverse and “tag” it with skills that might be needed to realize it. Thereby, ideas are always shown to those people that have the skills and therefore knowledge to help an idea evolve and become reality.

All skills in tale:net are shown in the skilliverse. Browse it to vote similarities in between skills and by this influence how all skills are related to each other. The skill playing games for example is only one step apart from programming. This step is go. As it is a game and a programming language it’s voted similar to those skills. The skilliverse is the heart of tale:net. It’s constantly shaped by all identities and their decisions.

  • All creatures should be judged by their action, not criteria such as degrees, age, race, gender, sexual orientation or position (list incomplete).
  • Travelers don’t accept or tolerate any fascist, nationalist, homophobic, racist or sexist, intimidating, harassing, abusive, discriminatory, derogatory or demeaning actions or speech.
  • We’re a transnational network, our reality doesn’t include any acceptance of nation states or borders.
  • We’re a collaborative network, we trust in the power of the many and solidarity, not in reward. Ideas are commons. All ideas and thoughts in tale:net are licensed via CC-0.
  • We are a free network. No creature should be forced to do anything against their will. All happenings, ideas, projects, collective action and transformation evolving in and out of this network are results of freely acting individuals.
  • We’re a self-loving network. Travelers avoid person-bounded knowledge and unwritten responsibilities to prevent burning out and dying into the process of forced work.
  • Address problems if you recognize them.
  • Ask for help if you need some.
  • Share feedback if you have some.
  • Communicate your strengths, weaknesses and powers.
  • Be patient.
  • Be pragmatic.
  • Be honest about your goals to yourself and others.
  • Trust yourself, so that you can trust others.
  • Share insights and spread knowledge.
  • Reflect on doubts never alone.







Secure Scuttlebutt - ssb - is a distributed gossip platform. Unlike many big social networks, it’s conceptually and in itself truly distributed: It’s not working with a single centralized server where all data is stored, like e. g. Twitter. It’s also not technically distributed, but still conceptually centralized, meaning all the data is stored on many servers, but all servers have the same set of data. Secure Scuttlebutt is technically and conceptually distributed: There is an endless number of servers that store data and this data is different on each of them, depending on the human interactions that define their connections. Imagine every identity acting in the scuttleverse like a knot that is connected to many other knots, depending on their interactions with other identities in this network. Every time two identities meet in the scuttleverse, they exchange all the data they’re storing, to keep each other up to date.

The content of ssb is spreading like gossip. From mouth to mouth, once out there never to be controlled again.

The even more mind blowing thing on ssb is: it’s not only a gossip platform, it’s also a distributed application protocol - meaning you can build different clients for the ssb database, showing the scuttleverse content in many different ways.

One of these clients is tale:net. It’s build on secure scuttlebutt. Another ssb client is patchwork. Setting up your identity in tale:net means to set up your identity in the Scuttleverse, it will be the same no matter what clients or how many of them you’re using.

To learn more about the scuttle:verse, there is this brilliant video, explaining scuttlebutt with a simple lovestory and a great collection of explanations on the concepts and principles of ssb.

End of text adventure. The game is on.